Custom consulting, design and production - Damper valves

AMMtech provides its customers with the best support, from industrial damper valves consulting to design, from production to testing to delivery and after-sales. Engineering of the offer performs a complete technical-economic feasibility study, the technical office deals with each project from design to project manufacture.

Standardization and flexibility make AMMtech dampers a winning solution.
Standardized production significantly reduces lead times and guarantees competitiveness. In addition fabrication customized product grant AMMtrech a high versatility, integrating the features of our standard with specific customer needs.

AMMtech is able to manage the entire production cycle internally, thanks to its own manufacturing facilities which extend on approximately 3,000 square meters of covered area, where our Damper Valves are built, tested and shipped.

Technical competence, planning skills, passion

AMMtech technical department thanks to its skills and design capabilities welcomes and develops the requests of the most demanding customers and by making its know-how available, combines diversified solutions from  various applications.

The young and dynamic AMMtech team, driven by a passion is available to provide quick solutions to the different customer requirements.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Innovative and cutting-edge solutions

AMMtech’s commitment in ever more demanding and constantly evolving markets is to offer the highest quality products with maximum reliability.

AMMtech, through a constant study, offers cutting-edge Flue gas Valves, guaranteeing high performance, flexibility in the production process, reliability and cost reduction.

AMMtech R & D Department is a strategic division of the company, as it dedicates itself to the technological development and performance optimization of our Damper Valves, through an intense and constant search for new solutions to improve the product and accelerate the related production processes. This is where innovations are born that can meet or anticipate the needs of the market.

Testing, after-sales service, spare parts supply

AMMtech flues gas damper valves are completely automated, with all the necessary devices for control, regulation and fluid interception. All Damper Valves are tested before leaving our warehouses.

A specialized after-sales service and the supply of spare parts are fundamental elements to preserve efficiency, optimize performance and extend the lifecycle of our Valves